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National Parents for Public Schools Websitehttp://parents4publicschools.org/

Help Your Child With College – Career!

This site – KnowHow2Go (http://knowhow2go.acenet.edu/) – has a number of resources that can help you and your teen find a path to college.  Resources are provided for middle school through senior high as well as parents, so encourage your teen to explore!

The State of Missouri hosts a site that can help your teen research career options.  And if you are also looking for a new job, there are resources for you as well.

Help Your Child With Reading!

Find a number of resources at Reading Rockets. (http://www.readingrockets.org/)

And you can help your child both read and explore the outside world by ordering this free magazine which will be delivered to your home, and exploring the XPLOR website.

Other resources available for free download that can help you help your child read can be found here, and are available for different grade levels.

Stop Bullying Now!

We have also posted several times on bullying, and that continues to be an area that parents ask us about.  If your child is being bullied you are not alone.  Find resources that can help at  Kids Against Bullying (www.stopbullying.gov).   We also recommend two books, especially for middle-school aged kids that are available from Free SpiritPublishing – “Bullies Are a Pain In the Brain” and “Cliques, Phonies, and Other Balonies”.  If you want to help address this at your school, you can find several resources to implement an anti-bullying campaign there as well.

If you have elementary aged kids you can play the “Beat the Bully” game on the PBS website.  Nickelodeon has a “Big Help” page for middle school kids that addresses cyber-bullying, and both elementary and middle school kids may like the videos and games at Stopbullying.